Big Lew
2015 Digital Shorts

Big Lew

The story of the first personal computer sold in Canada, and the man who sold it.

Length10 minutes 0 seconds


Pitch video


My father was born in a refugee camp in Venice, Italy at the end of the world war II, and came to Montreal by boat when he was three years old. Thirty years later, he opened a store called Computerland and sold the first personal computer in Canada. This short film is a piece of his story, and history.

The team

My team is the greatest team in the world: the Hodgee Films family. Together we have had a doc premiere at the Tribeca Film Fest, and are currently doing a web series for Morgan Spurlock. For our demo reel check out


Interview Roster

Making deals to sell the first computer
Making deals to sell the first computer

In 1979, my father opened a store called Computerland after reading in a magazine that "computers are the future".

My father's birth certificate
My father's birth certificate

My dad was born in Venice, Italy, as a refugee, during world war II. His family came to Canada by boat after fighting in the resistance in the forests of Belarus.

Big Lew playing hockey
Big Lew playing hockey

My dad turns 70 this year, and he still plays hockey three times a week.

Production Design

I'm very inspired by This American Life's video series by Bianca Giaever called Videos 4 U. She turns radio stories into short films. I plan to bring in elements of her storytelling technique with audio, as well as lighthearted animation.
In addition to animation and graphics, I plan to use our RED camera for absolutely gorgeous shots. Here are a few examples of shots our team has taken for the orange juice episode of the web series Consider The Source.
Currently for our Morgan Spurlock series called Consider The Source we use graphics that add a visual layer to the facts. I plan to use the same graphics team member for Big Lew to achieve a similar style.