Recruiting Hell
2015 Digital Shorts

Recruiting Hell

Come behind the scenes as the demons of Hell LLP struggle to produce the best, worst recruiting video in the universe.

Length10 minutes 25 seconds


Pitch video


There are some terrible recruitment videos out there. And yet, they are only half as bad as the chaos behind the scenes of producing them. The creators of Necessary Evil will take you behind the camera as the executive demons of Hell LLP - the universe's oldest, darkest, and possibly most dysfunctional corporation - try to assemble their own 'brilliant' recruitment video. We'll see the anxious director desperately holding on to her vision. The discount crew. The impossible-to-please client. The rep from the creative agency trying to hold everything together. And the staff that get dragged in - staff that should never be in front of a camera. As an added bonus, we'll also end up producing the actual video from the shoot. So, give us some voting love and help us raise a little hell!

The team

With a talented group of individuals, some of whom worked on Necessary Evil and some who are new to the team, we're excited to bring you another slice of life from Hell LLP!


Production Design

Everyone who works in Hell LLP is a demon. All the characters will look distinctly non-human, but in a subtle way, so that we can still recognize them, and identify with them. These are the co-workers in your office: over-worked, underpaid, not appreciated and not particularly passionate about their jobs. They also happen to be demons.
The environment is bleak. The characters are bleak. So is the clothing. Muted greens and greys abound, with an occasional splash of black. We use a palette of sickness and bruises. On lower level staff members, the fit is poor and the clothes are unflattering. As we reach the executives, the fit is better, but we never forget where we are.
Hell LLP is a very, very large corporation. There are innumerable floors that stretch on forever. They are bleak, and virtually colourless. With a combination of windowless office spaces and a little visual effects to make the spaces stretch on forever, we create large, yet claustrophobic spaces. Executive offices will be nicer, but still bleak in their own way.