Monster Space Bungalow
2015 Digital Shorts

Monster Space Bungalow

Monsters living in a bungalow adrift in space burn time as they wait to run into a planet they can call home.

Length8 minutes 53 seconds


Pitch video


A dilapidated bungalow floats past a star field. All quiet, except for the chirp of a keyboard and the clang of someone in the kitchen doing everyone's dishes… again. The occupants are a lot like you and I, just a little furrier and way, way more monstery. Monsters waiting to find, or crash into, a planet they can call home. How did they get there? That’s a really good question. What will they do when they find a home? Probably hunt down a working shower. Monster Space Bungalow is a family friendly short rooted in the tone and practical effects of old school Sesame street/muppets style puppetry. Physical sets, hand-crafted puppets, and custom music all working together to tell a story. Specifically the story of a Monster Space Bungalow. In space. Full of monsters. But not scary.

The team

Our awesome team includes an experienced filmmaker who will operate the moving picture box, a writer/musician/sound guy to make it sound pretty, and one practical effects wiz who will make these monsters come to life but not in a terrifying way.


Production Design

We'll be custom scoring the short.
Custom built puppet (for different project than Monster Space Bungalow) built by our talented art director and filmed by our talented video director. Not shown, the song the puppet is singing about that half-used can of paint, as written by our writer/composer.
Writer and Art Director working on a similar scale model project.
Our Art Director will take these monsters from first sketch to final finished product (not this sketch, this is a bear not a monster).