I Love You, Johnny!
2015 Digital Shorts

I Love You, Johnny!

Crooners and malt-shakes with a twist: Because everyone's a sucker for a love story.

Length8 minutes 4 seconds


Pitch video


They are the children of malt-shakes and coca-cola. Letterman's keep lovers warm in the passion pits,love runs rampant, and hormones do too. It's 1955, and the kids are doing what they do best: Eating cheese burgers and learning how to play Back Seat Bingo. Things are going steady for Johnny and Lou, but their ideas about what true love really means, differ quite drastically. Who could've thought one would consider love to be a savage thing? In the words of Allan Roberts and croon of Connie Francis: You Always Hurt The One You Love.

The team

Great team work is the essence of a good production. Not only are we a talented team of individuals, but we're a team that approaches our work like a family. Always supportive of each other and striving for nothing but the best.

Profile picture of Ingrid Vargas
Ingrid VargasDirector, Writer, Producer
Profile picture of Victoria McNair
Victoria McNairProduction Design
Profile picture of Justin Skrundz
Justin SkrundzCamera Operator
Profile picture of Connor Couzens
Connor CouzensCamera Operator
Profile picture of Alexander Gibb
Alexander GibbLighting, Electrical
Profile picture of Rachel Soong
Rachel SoongSound Engineer


Production Design

"I Love You, Johnny"  is sure to give you goosebumps and kill you with its colour scheme.  Props and costumes will be purchased locally. It's important that we support and promote local businesses as a film industry. (Costume purchased at A Vintage Affair & Blame Betty)
Over one year, we've collected archival footage, photographs, beautiful reference images from beautiful films and we'd love to take this opportunity to treat you all to some eye candy.
"I LOVE YOU, JOHNNY!" is a period piece and we have taken the time to research to make sure it's as authentic as can be!