Chicken Soup for the Muslim Ruh
2020 Podcast Edition

Chicken Soup for the Muslim Ruh

Ruh; soul. Sharing stories about hope, vulnerability, & change within the Canadian Muslim community and our neighbours.

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Chaplains, social workers, staff at women's shelter, the people who manage the local food kitchen--these are some of the roles Canadian Muslims fulfill for their faith community and their neighbours; but how do they live these roles while navigating their own identities and well-being in an age marked by prejudice and stereotypes? Chicken Soup for the Muslim Ruh offers intimate dialogue with members of this community doing important front-line work at a local skill, trying to understand how and why they do this work, and what they'd like to share about themselves beyond single story narratives.


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Hussain Khan (your host - aka me)
Hussain Khan (your host - aka me)

My name is Hussain & I made my first podcast when I was 16, which was about films & named after a fictional burger in a Quentin Tarintino movie. Before that, I made a vlog channel with some friends, submitted a short film to a local film festival, & have been blogging before Tumblr was a thing (RIP). I'm passionate about using digital media to tell meaningful stories about underrepresented voices and especially highlighting voices from my own community through thoughtful & engaging interviews with people who make a real difference and are largely absent from popular representation of Muslims.