The Love Legacy
2020 Podcast Edition

The Love Legacy

Everyone Has A Story To Share

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Follow stories of real people going through life, loss, and trials. This intimate style of the interview will allow you to connect with strangers as they share their stories and legacies, showing all walks of life and helping people connect in the busy chaos of life. It's an opportunity to say goodbye and claim the things that we yearn to talk about. 10 years ago Katie lost her mother after a long battle with cancer. Katie would love to hear her mother's voice again and hear about the moments that meant most to her mom. In our podcast, we would like to help people get ready to say goodbye, by asking them tough, thoughtful, and funny questions. We would also like to use this approach by talking about hard things, cancer, pregnancy, bullying, addiction, life, and loss.


Interview Roster

Katie and Taqueesha
Katie and Taqueesha

We are the Hosts to The love legacy. We have been friends for over 22 years and are excited to use our knowledge and compassion to create a safe place for our community members to share.