Adaptation in the Impoverished City
2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition

Adaptation in the Impoverished City

A frontline Nurse, a taxed Teacher, powerful Poet and an underpaid Graduate navigate a pandemic in an impoverished city.


Pitch video


Through Adaptation in an Impoverished City, we weave a story of Calgary’s local heroes. How they’ve been out on the front lines helping the city recover, but also how’ve they dealt with the exploded economy and finding their own path to recovery while helping others. Along the way we learn about their situations, and how they’ve navigated their unstable work environment and uncertain future. Filmed by Calgary's own youth, we look for ways to move forward and create a sustainable future.


Interview Roster

Leah Patmore
Leah Patmore

Leah Patmore is a nuse, an essential worker. Her story will be shown off as well as how her job is affected by COVID-19 and the economic crisis. She will show how her workplace has adapted to this crisis.

Production Design

This photo will show off some locations ideas we have (statues and places in calgary, as well as how we will position our shots and our colouring (position using the Rule of Thirds and colouring still being more natural). It also shows our tone and style, more natural with lots of b role showing off the city.
it shows off our colouring scheme, how we're going for a more natural look for the colours. It also shows off our lighting, how we will use more natural lighting (with some controlled) and sometimes glare
It shows off how we will use Depth of Field in our shots (lots of the time focused on one object) and lighting, our natural lighting style as well as glare
This image will show our location (Calgary) as well as our tone and style (a more natural and artistic feel), our colouring, natural with vibrance in the night. Lastly it will show our shot position, having a wonderful wide shot of the city.