Bunny Phantom: The World's Greatest Superhero Who Ever Lived
2019 Web Series

Bunny Phantom: The World's Greatest Superhero Who Ever Lived


Pitch video


Production Design

Animation allows us to utilize massive set pieces and control every aspect of the location, lighting, and action, thus fully immersing the audience in an entirely original world. No more discovering unintended things showing up in frame in the edit room. Take that, random dude who likes to just draw attention to himself and ruin the shot when he walks across a film set!
Bunny Phantom's cowl was custom designed and 3D printed just for the titular character. As of now, there are only 17 of them that exist in the world. And we have them all. The design was a result of a lovechild between a Parrot, an Easter Bunny, and Batman. Wait. What?
David Reynold's amazing interpretation of the Green Hare in the intro of The Legend of the Bunny Phantom made us realize that this Lagomorph need not simply just be a "Lego"morph! Thus, this web series will be an Anthology, bringing on more amazing artists and animators to inspire new interpretations of this harrowing tale. Support Local!