Almost Human
2015 Music Video

Almost Human

50% human performance 50% captured by robotic surveillance cameras. Resulting frames are odd, yet haunting beautiful!

Length4 min. 36 seconds
DirectorDoug Cook
GenreHard Rock


Pitch video

The artist

Doug Cook
About the song

The song is about addictions, vices & demons - The video - metal poles mounted with surveillance cameras protrude around the band. Cameras pan and tilt - typical of older generation of surveillance cameras. The video is 50% based on human performance and the other fifty is captured by the robotic surveillance cameras … thus creating “Almost Human".

The team

Doug Cook & Sacha Laskow have proven to be a unique and enthusiastic team with their past collaboration with Walk As Chaos "Impasse". Joining forces once again with "Almost Human" the force is strong with us! Vote to help us get this sucker made!

Profile picture of Doug Cook
Doug CookDirector, Editor, Producer
Profile picture of Sacha Laskow
Sacha LaskowBand, Writer, Sound Engineer, Social Media Strategist


Production Design

Our Music Video takes some inspiration from one of my favourite films! Blade Runner
Our Music Video takes some inspiration from the new upcoming Mad Max movie
Our music video will also have a similar dark Rock & Roll from the cult classic film "The Crow"