sḵwx̱wú7mesh spén’em (Squamish Plants)
2019 Documentary

sḵwx̱wú7mesh spén’em (Squamish Plants)


Pitch video


Interview Roster

Styawat/Leigh Joseph, Primary Character
Styawat/Leigh Joseph, Primary Character

Leigh Joseph will be the primary character.

Ronald Newman
Ronald Newman

Former Chief Squamish Elder Medicine Man

Christine Baker/Tlatlakwot
Christine Baker/Tlatlakwot

Squamish Nation manager of health services. She is helping with a Traditional Foods project that will be part of Leigh's Ph.D research.

Devil's Club
Devil's Club

We will work closely with Devil's Club.

Silver Weed
Silver Weed

We will work closely with Silver Weed.

Yellow Cedar
Yellow Cedar

We will work closely with Yellow Cedar.

Production Design

Production plan is to use available light and fast glass. The B-Cam (Sony A7Sii) is extremely capable in low light, especially when paired with fast glass. A studio light kit is available if required.

Film to be shot in RAW S-LOG3 colour space. 
Colouring will be both subtle and rich, and slightly different for each of the two narratives. 
Colours will emulate a vintage film look.
Example of potential fonts, colouring, graphic design, and aerials.
Lydia Beauregard
Illustrations, motion graphics, & graphic design
Titles, fonts, chapter introductions.
Chapter breaks, musical interlude: Illustrations 
Movement and Transition
Slow, quiet transitions. 
Sound design will be an important part of production and post production. 
Great attention will be taken to have crystal clear voices, and accurate sounds from the landscape. 
Soundtrack composition will be up to David and Jaya who will work together on soundtrack composition.
“Show me, don’t tell me” style
Cinéma vérité style
Shot and delivered in 4K
Shot at 23.976 fps
Cinematic Spectacle 
Wide screen aspect ratio
Extreme close up moving macro shots of plant details.
Aerials, to communicate geography. 
No handheld shots 
No talking heads
Not host driven
Example of Aerials, look & colouring.
Style: Cinematic spectacle
Modern storytelling 
Symphony from the land’s perspective 
Poetic journey
Not host-driven

No handheld shots, everything will be either filmed on tripod or stabilized. 
“Show me, don’t tell me” style to storytelling (no talking heads).
Aerials will be used to showcase size and scale of landscape. 
Filmed with natural light and fast glass. 
Colour palates will change slightly between the two narratives.