2018 Indigenous


The personal and professional life of Eric, a young "Suburban NDN", living and working in the city.



Pitch video


Reserved explores what it is to be a Modern Day Indigenous man living in a Modern Day World. Eric is what he calls a Suburban Native meaning that he grew up in a white neighbourhood which basically means he grew up white. Now living as a young professional in the city he starts to explore more of his culture and his people while trying to survive in a modern world. Whether it's going on dates, working to become a professional chef, or dealing with his mental health Eric finds humour in everything he does.

The team

I am looking to have a very diverse team on this project. My editor is female as well as my second AD. The cast is almost entirely made up of Indigenous talent.


Production Design

The use of natural light outside will help give Reserved a more personal feeling like you are a part of the conversation that is going on.

No artificial light was used in this shot.
This is a still image from a TV Pilot I produced last Fall and it is being used to showcase the visual style I hope to achieve with Reserved.  The next few images are from that same production.
Neutral colors and lighting techniques will be utilized in Reserved