Monkey Paw
2018 Music Video

Monkey Paw

After crash landing on a post-apocalyptic planet, two martians discover how media destroyed a society known as "Earth".



Pitch video

The artist

Shay Hayashi
About the song

"Monkey Paw" is a song that muses on the dangers of modern media. We can live in two worlds now, thanks to technology. One can be touched and felt. The other puts you into captivity using an infinite mirage accessible by fingertip. Barraged with new forms of entertainment, it's easier to alienate yourself than ever before.

The team

Tired of doing the same old motion graphics? Wanna create something that is out of this world (pun intended)? We want you to join our team. Lead filmmaker Brett Roberts, (VICE, Netflix) and Phono Pony invite you to join our odyssey.


Production Design

This location is not located in Vancouver, however we have already retrieved this shot for the video.