Behind the Glamorous Life of Ms. Hap
2018 Music Video

Behind the Glamorous Life of Ms. Hap

Life is not always easy when you have to put on a facade of glamour and beauty.

DirectorKris Tung


Pitch video

The artist

Kris Tung
About the song

Ms. Hap is the glamour girl who dreams of being accepted by everybody. She tried hard to keep up with her appearance and found herself totally lost in vanity. Feeling trapped by her vain pursuits, she realized the answer to her dilemma lay elsewhere, but she didn't know where? So, her habitual self carries on, and the song repeats itself.

The team

YAT and Jonathan Newman have join forces on many creative projects in the past including music video, Space Bunny, filmed at the Venice Biennale, and various visual art performance projects in Vancouver.

Profile picture of Kris Tung
Kris TungArtist, Animation Lead, Animator, Director, Editor, Writer, Actor, Production Design, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Jonathan Newman
Jonathan NewmanProducer, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Lighting, Electrical


Production Design

The song is a juxtaposition of the new and the old. The texture of the brick walls in Gastown evokes the memory of the past.  It fits the melancholy sound of the song.
There will be a scene with our protagonist singing on stage.
When the singer is singing in Chinese, we will incorporate animated subtitling with motion graphics in the video.  We want to make it like a language tutorial but in style.