2018 Music Video


A high energy performance video incorporating parodies of famous TV shows - each with strongly contrasting aesthetics.



Pitch video

The artist

Dave Wallace
About the song

BONE is a song ultimately about frustration towards the miscommunication of one's partner. Using metaphor and witty rhetoric, BONE takes a comedic take on the internalized anger that the narrator feels. The lyrics are open to interpretation, to bring in a wider audience. The song is unique from other Quarterback songs, as it is more pop-oriented.

The team

We are a strong and diverse crew from Victoria, British Columbia. Recently, we had a chance to work together with Quarterback on his music video "Full Circle" and are excited to collaborate again!


Production Design

Quarterback will express himself with a variety of unique costumes from the vintage e-shop 'Crybaby'. Crybaby Vintage e-shop is a vintage clothing and handmade jewellery project run by Mady Jones.  Aside from retail, Crybaby Vintage operates as a styling and art direction service, working alongside members of the local artist community. Crybaby Vintage is dedicated to to promoting stronger representation of women, people of colour, class minorities and members of the LBGTQ2+ community in their modelling and styling campaigns.
BONE will be shot with a Canon C200 in RAW 4K. Tripods will be used for the stable shots, such as Martha Stewart's Cooking show, while a handheld will be used for the Kardashians reality show - to mimic the "real" feeling that most reality shows produce. Vintage lenses and filters will help to nudge digital footage into a more analog space for shows that were shot on film.
As a controlled environment, we will be able to dress the studio in the various style of the TV sets, using both practical sets and green screens. Each TV set that we create will require a variety of different camera angles, prop positions, and lighting hardness/softness, as well as a ton of space for not only just the actual set, but also the other people, props and equipment - and our studio will allow for all of that, resulting in a smooth production.
Post effects, such as colour grading, will be applied as needed for the desired "feel" of each scene. Because of the contrast difference between shows such as Mr. Rogers and Martha Stewart, we will create several "looks" in Davinci Resolve to replicate the original. Green screen scenes will be composited in Adobe After Effects to save money and create larger-than-life scenes.