My Bipolar Life
2018 Digital Shorts

My Bipolar Life

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a young woman sets out to understand her new reality with honesty & humor.

Length9 min. 28 sec.
DirectorLauren Lim


Pitch video


Are people with bipolar disorder crazy? This was the thought that raced through my head when I first heard my diagnosis. I had more questions than answers, and a lot of uncertainty about my future. As I live my life as a bipolar 24 year old, I’m finding answers to the questions I once asked, but I continue to come across others who don’t understand. People are confused and apprehensive. In a time where mental health is finally being discussed, why is everyone still so afraid of the “B-word”? I hope to shed more light on the reality, and the human experience, of living with mental illness by sharing my own story, as well as getting insights from those I’ve met along my journey. With this documentary, I hope to do my part in removing the stigma around being Bipolar.

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