The Winds
2018 Digital Shorts

The Winds

On her journey through grief after her mother's death, a faithful daughter receives a loving message in the wind.

Length9 min.


Pitch video


The Winds is about a daughter's journey through grief after her mother's death. In the home where her father now lives alone, numbness rules; pain must be shunned and it's vital to be strong. The daughter suppresses her own voice by taking care of her remaining parent as he creates noise to avoid the sorrow of an empty house. On the day she's tasked with packing her mother's things and sending them away, she learns that her aching cannot be neatly boxed up and sent away too. Her need to surrender openly to her pain drives her out to the prairie fields where her mother sang to her as a child. Magically, it's there that she she feels her mother all around her and receives a loving message on the breeze. This story about love, our family legacies, and grief will resonate with a wide audience.

The team

Our team is the perfect combination of those who want to grow their experience and those who were sought out for their expertise. We love creative collaboration! We're looking for a lighting person. Contact project lead for details.

Profile picture of Rae Farrer
Rae FarrerWriter, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Emma Power
Emma PowerProduction Manager, Production Design
Profile picture of Erin Harrison
Erin HarrisonProduction Design
Profile picture of Justin Otteson
Justin OttesonProduction Design
Profile picture of Justan Ross
Justan RossSound Engineer
Profile picture of David Oulton
David OultonSocial Media Strategist