2017 Immersive


Can artificial intelligence deliver happiness? Beatibot, your hovering robotic assistant, makes three amusing attempts. Experience the story from the POV of a new BeatiBot owner, then through the data-laden 360° sensor array of a BeatiBot.


Pitch video


"Hey BeatiBot, make me happy." Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence and robotic engineering, the Beatibot hovering robot assistant is your modern day genie in a bottle - your wish is its command...just be careful what you wish for. Experience the linear project from the point-of-view of a proud new Beatibot owner/victim. Hang on as it takes you through a series of silly scenarios that make you question the intelligence of AI. Want to understand the dumbfounding decisions of Beatibot? Immerse yourself in the 360-degree vision of BeatiBot as it analyzes data and amusingly attempts to implement its understanding of happiness.

The team

The BeatiBot team is happy with the opportunity to make our audience happy. Any lacking intelligence will be made up for artificially.


Production Design

BeatiBot will be animated in 3D and rendered out for both cinematic and immersive video formats.
BeatiBot can be rendered using traditional offline rendering engines, but we will also experiment with using real-time game engines to render the project.
Creating a 3D environment means that BeatiBot can be viewed in both monoscopic and stereoscopic 3D video.