Carving Landscape and Resilience
2017 Immersive

Carving Landscape and Resilience

The immersive story is about finding a rock Mary Vaux marked with tar in 1888 to measure the melting of the Illecillewaet Glacier. The linear story retraces her work and the glacier state. The stories involve actors in victorian dresses.

Length6 min. 13 sec.


Pitch video


To celebrate Canada’s history and Mary’s inspiring legacy we will venture onto the Illecillewaet Glacier, experiencing mountain travel and its restrictions in Victorian dresses. We will trace Mary’s footsteps and search for the rock that the Vaux family used to mark the retreat of the glacier, paying homage to a rebellious female pioneer and the important contributions of her early glacial research. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity to engage youth, especially women, to follow radical leaders footsteps in scientific fields, photography and filmmaking and encourage them to push their physical limits. At a time when the progress of women’s right is in question and the limited extent of our planet’s natural resources is known, a narrative about the significance of both is needed.

The team

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Production Design

There will be a short film animation in the linear story to showcase how much the glacier has melted since the late 1800's. “In 2009, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks supported a glacier mass-balance research project. This study looked at the net gain or loss of glaciers on the Illecillewaet glacier in Glacier national park. The study found that over the course of three years, glacier run-off during summers was on average 112,300,000 m3 of water—that’s 44,920 Olympic sized swimming pools! Glacier melt-modeling and water chemistry showed that 34% of the melt was glacier water.
The linear story will draw a perspective on the environment evolution in time. I want the viewer to be "mind blowed" by the vast glacial landscape and understand the impact of the water melt and the loss of natural heritage.
The actress representing marie Vaux will be travelling on the glacier wearing a victorian dress.  This would be a component of both stories although the real fell would be given during the immersive film. The actress would even go down a crevasse to convey the feeling of being inside a glacier.  The linear story would have a few far away views and perhaps drone perspective (park permit pending) to give a real perspective of the scale of the glacier and how humans exploring them are small.