2017 Immersive


In the near future, technology exists that allow police to explore the memories of murder victims, helping them to identify their killers. But living through another person's life can have unforeseen consequences.

Length10 min. 18 sec.


Pitch video


The year is 2025. The Digital Interface for Virtual Exploration (DIVE) allows for the memories of the recently deceased to be experienced by another person. The police use this technology on murder victims to explore their memories to identify their killer. The brain is like a hard drive however, when damaged not all data survives, so detectives must search through the surviving memories for clues to find the perpetrator. DIVE tells its story in two ways. First, the cinematic linear short which tells the story of the detectives using clues extracted from the victim's memories to track down the killer. Second, the VR short which follows the detective connected to DIVE as they live through the memories of the victim, giving the viewer an intimate look into the victim's life.

The team

Our team is a group of talented creators brought together by their passion for storytelling.

Profile picture of Joel Verhagen
Joel VerhagenAnimation Lead, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Peter Baden
Peter BadenProducer, Production Manager
Profile picture of Kennedy Bailey-Parker
Kennedy Bailey-ParkerProduction Design
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Patrick CrosmanSound Engineer


Production Design