RE-TOLD: Highway Patrolman
2017 Web Series

RE-TOLD: Highway Patrolman

RE-TOLD is a Web series showcasing a collection of true inspirational stories that have been forgotten in today's world.

Length10 min. 26 sec.


Pitch video


RE-TOLD will tell five different true stories in its web-series. The Pilot Episode of the Re-Told web series will focus on the remarkable true story of the heroic Sheriff Boyd Hall, who was shot and killed while attempting to negotiate with a suicidal man. This 80's time piece project is titled "Highway Patrolman" and will re-tell the happenings of Sheriff Hall on the days before his interaction with the men who took his life.

The team

Goodness of fit, stands as a core value of our team. Each project requires our team to isolate the unique needs of our audience and to meet those needs in a manner that is at once both daringly original and tailored to demand.

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Indy MandharEditor, Camera Operator, Lighting, Motion Graphics


Production Design

Because we are shooting an 80's film we need to make sure we have all the props and locations as accurate as possible, here is a look at some set design we've come up with.
We are excited to build this 80's police vehicle for the Web-Series that resembles what a small town sheriff would drive.
If we have a police vehicle we need Count Owned license plates that match, here we have 2 Lincoln County license plates for the vehicles in the web series.
We are super lucky to have secured an old highway just outside of Crossfield this is a photo of our team doing a location scout of the property.
We found an old bar in Olds that are very happy to have us shoot there when we begin filming the web series.
We've been building everything from scratch, the entire Wyoming Highway Patrolman outfit has been made from ordering many items online and seeking out local talent to help us.