Colour My Love
2017 Music Video

Colour My Love

Two women - who couldn't be more different - meet in a rural Alberta jail in 1922.

Length4 mins. 59 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Shaela Miller
About the song

Colour My Love is a song about the darker side of loving someone. It speaks to the part of us that believes we are hard to love. In this story, it's the commonality between the two main characters, the sheriff's wife and the female inmate. They share a feeling of hopelessness and darkness, despite their lives being ever-so-different.

The team

On the lookout for a production manager, assistant director, and some extra hands for set dec to fill out our team. Give us a shout if you're interested in being part of a production that explores some untold stories of women in Canadian history.

Profile picture of Laura Combden
Laura CombdenDirector, Producer
Profile picture of Tracy Wormsbecker
Tracy WormsbeckerProduction Design


Production Design

Located in the Bashan Alberta fire hall (now a museum) this jail cell used to be attached to the Sheriff's office. For our use, the office would be transformed into the kitchen.
Style of a 1920s kitchen and housewife. Alice character costume reference.
Minnie's costume, hair and makeup visual reference. Circa 1922.
We'd like to use diffused sunlight to give details a milky soft look in the kitchen.  Also a slightly reduced colour saturation.
This jail cell is located in Bragg Creek and was used for the show North of 60. It would require a kitchen set build.
Costume Reference
Set Design Visual Reference