Gerry Mouse
2016 Animation

Gerry Mouse

A child mouse facing homelessness and shelter life for the first time steps up to challenges from friends and foe.

Length5 mins. 0 secs.
DirectorTom Robinson


Pitch video


Gerry Mouse will be an animated short film. It is adapted from the Gerry Mouse trilogy, a series of children's books written by Charlotte Cooper. This project emphasizes metaphoric symbolism as Gerry, a child mouse, travels the path of homelessness and encounters shelter life for the first time. Some characters reach out to help him feel safe and secure. His revenge against the shelter bully is outweighed by his will to do the right thing. We view the story through tiny mouse eyes - the perspective of youth. They will identify with the characters and will want to discuss social justice issues as they journey with Gerry Mouse into a world that no little one should have to encounter. But they do - everyday.

The team

Yay! We have our team. Watch for our pitch! Chid homelessness and shelter life will be front and center in conversations among friends, family members, in classrooms, and policy devpt meetings as Gerry Mouse squeaks up for children/youth.

Profile picture of Thomas van Kampen
Thomas van KampenAnimation Lead
Profile picture of Tom Robinson
Tom RobinsonDirector, Producer, Production Manager
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Warren HarrisSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

Depicted is the Directors office for the homeless shelter in the Gerry Mouse story. This is the environment Gerry Mouse is taken to as a means to officially negotiate living in the shelter with "Director Mouse".
the story of Gerry Mouse takes place in a Canadian city during the winter. To replicate this, depicted is a small downtown intersection blanketed in slow and colored by the dark blue night. The layout of this block is actually modeled after a block in Vancouver.
Depicted is the entrance to the homeless shelter in which the majority of the story of Gerry Mouse takes place. The sign is shown in the story from the perspective of Gerry as he looks up to read it while he is looking for a safe haven from the storm.