The Legend of the Bunny Phantom
2016 Animation

The Legend of the Bunny Phantom

A man tells a child the legend of the Bunny Phantom and his race against time to save the city from nuclear destruction.

Length5 mins. 0 secs.
DirectorSimon Chan


Pitch video


When a young boy gives some change to an old beggar, he is invited to hear a story about the time when the city was on the brink of impending nuclear holocaust. In this dire time of need, the civilians turned to their celebrated hero, the Bunny Phantom, as a symbol of hope and promise for the city's chances of survival. But little did the Bunny Phantom know that time was not on his side. The Legend of the Bunny Phantom is a new take on the classic tale of The Tortoise and the Hare — with a modern cinematic superhero twist.

The team

Small in number, but big in talent! Our team is experienced in animation, graphics, visual effects, and music. And we're ready to dazzle your eyeballs!

Profile picture of Simon Chan
Simon ChanDirector, Editor
Profile picture of Vinson Chan
Vinson ChanAnimation Lead, Animator, Editor, Motion Graphics
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Jason GeigerMotion Graphics
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Katärina Daigneaux Social Media Strategist


Production Design