2016 Digital Shorts


91-year-old Irene enlists the help of Meg, her live-in nurse, to search for an intruder in her enchanted house.

Length9 min. 57 sec.


Pitch video


In the middle of the night Meg wakes up to find Irene sitting alone watching infomercials on full volume. Irene starts speaking about an “intruder” in the house which Meg ignores. When Meg starts noticing some unnerving things, she agrees to search for the intruder to give Irene peace of mind. Irene takes Meg through a series of secret passages and deep into the bowels of the house. The lines between reality and imagination start to blur, feeding off of Meg's imagination and her growing fear of Irene. At the end of the film, we realize that Irene is equally afraid of Meg when she has a vivid nightmare revealing Meg as the intruder she was searching for.

The team

Meet the team! We are the talented and experienced film-folk that can bring this story to life!

Profile picture of Kenya Weaver
Kenya WeaverProduction Design
Profile picture of Matt Mort
Matt MortCamera Operator


Production Design

We'll be using Morgan Ermter's mad VFX skills to highlight some of the objects in the house, and help create the imaginative realm around Meg and Irene. Winking glass figurines, vines that grow before your eyes, shadow creatures, flaming glass heads .... the WORKS!
This is the space where we'll create Irene's main living space with her dining table and TV set. We'll hang overgrown vines from the roof and clutter the space with knick-knacks to help it feel like Irene has lived there for 40+ years.
The amazing hallway leading to a custom built door made of salvaged metal. Makes you wonder what's behind that door, doesn't it?
The artists that live in the home collect really cool salvage pieces that will really add to the creepy vibe we want to create.