2016 Digital Shorts


Can you outrun darkness once the shadows fall?


Pitch video


Late at night, Aatisha finds a digital memory card. What she doesn't know yet is that it's full of footage...of her. In a high tension game of cat and mouse, Aatisha starts to wonder who she can trust, and if she can trust herself. Did you see something? Over there in the shadows? Was that just her imagination, or a very real threat?

The team

Women in film, represent! We are the core members of the nightwalk team.

Profile picture of Andrea Beça
Andrea BeçaDirector, Writer, Producer
Profile picture of Corinne Simpson
Corinne SimpsonProduction Manager


Production Design

CGI? Nah, let's get real. We'll be using the incredible makeup design and practical effects of VampireNomad Palette to provide some serious scares. We just can't tell you when they're going to jump out at you or we'd ruin the fun.
nightwalk will be filmed in some of the darkest, eeriest spots in town, including City Centre's East parkadge, the Ortona Armoury, and other historical spots in the downtown core of Edmonton.
The majority of nightwalk takes place - you guessed it - at night. We'll be using a lot of shadow and darkness accented with colour to bring out the moodiness and tension of the story.
Part of nightwalk will be filmed in a "found footage" style as Aatisha uncovers just how much her stalker knows about her.