Static Alex
2016 Digital Shorts

Static Alex

Teenager Alex has acquired the unpredictable power of static electricity and struggles to keep her emotions in check.

Length8 min. 53 sec.


Pitch video


Teenager Alex has acquired the unpredictable super power of static electricity. Between high school and her absent mother, Alex can’t seem to keep her emotions in check or her powers from growing. Alex’s frustration and loneliness build as the kids at school taunt and tease her. Now completely alone in her struggle and fleeing from a pack of bullies, Alex meets Tomek, a retired Polish trapeze artist and now homeless man. He shows her a glimmer of humanity and a newfound friendship. But when Tomek suddenly falls ill, Alex is faced with the possible death of her new friend and her perspective shifts. Alex is finally able to see the true purpose of her powers.

The team

Meet our the Static Alex team! We are a group of passionate storytellers ready for the opportunity to bring you an entertaining and thoughtful film. Thank you in advance for the votes!

Profile picture of Alayna Silverberg
Alayna SilverbergDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Andy Hodgson
Andy HodgsonCamera Operator, Lighting


Production Design

Alex and Sue's Apartment
The alley and Tomek, the homeless man
Alex and the bullies at school
Alex and her powers