2016 Music Video


Amazing music, interactive projections, contemporary dance narrative, and polished video production hybridized.

Length4 min 49 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Michael Morash

Michael Morash

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About the song

Orbit is the first song Regal composed and has an excited, enamoured energy for that reason. When the trio wrote it, Dom hadn't yet officially joined the group, and he wanted to show them what he had to offer. He was on a train across Canada and woke up to the sunrise on the Canadian prairie. He wrote a love song to the dawn and called it Orbit.

The team

Welcome to Orbit! Meet the talented folks who will bring you up above the clouds with an audio-visual experience!

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Arya HawkerProduction Design, Motion Graphics


Production Design

We are going to film this video entirely at Sombrio Provincial Park on the beautiful Vancouver Island. See the video linked below for footage we gathered at this location:

A brief explanation of how we plan to use projection mapping and holography in our video. See sample video for proof of concept tests.
We plan to bring a bunch of technology into the one of the most ecologically diverse areas of Canada. Our devices will be powered using sustainable battery generators, as care for the surrounding environment is one of our foremost concerns.