Youth in Decline
2016 Web Series

Youth in Decline

A young woman searches for the people of her past, in a world coping with a crippling pandemic.

Length10 min 8 seconds


Pitch video


The story follows a young woman named Evy, trying to find purpose and piece her life back together after loosing her child during pregnancy. The world she lives in has seen a tragic pandemic where woman are no longer able to concieve. our story begins 3 years after the pandemic swept across the human race and Evy, being one of the first affected, is trying to survive in a society that has lost hope and on the verge of crumbling. Evy searches for the people she ran away from in the pain of loosing her child, hoping to find reconciliation and friends to carry on life in a dangerous city. She hope to find people, so she may find hope, when hope is rare.

The team

Meet a few of the team involved in making "Youth in Decline" come alive!

Profile picture of Michael Janke
Michael JankeDirector, Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Design, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Alysa Joyelle
Alysa JoyelleProducer, Actor


Production Design

poor and often without means, many people in the city use newspaper to cover windows and keep out prying eyes. The haunting headlines of society crumbling often displayed like a giant picture frame.
Many people in the city flee their homes when the landlords become violent and demand to much of them. People band together and hide away under bridges to escape the weather.
One of the places our main character hides out are the abandoned schools of the suburbs, quieter and safer than the streets of the inner city.
This is one of the streets our main character Evy uses to travel, off the main roads, and mostly hidden from prying eyes.