2016 Web Series


A security guard gains superhuman powers from a deadly source. Lightning! Thunder! Guitar! A comic book rock opera.

Length9 mins. 21 sec.


Pitch video


Daniel Plight, a security guard for Genoflex Pharmaceuticals has been mortally wounded while trying to apprehend petty thieves in a factory stockyard. Michelle Striker, the top scientist and researcher for Genoflex, runs to the crime scene. She reveals a glowing green syringe. She plunges the needle deep into his neck. Thunder! Lightning! Guitar!!! Our hero’s voice crackles with energy as he sings out: he is transforming into a superhuman being! And the concert is just beginning… Daniel and Michelle must work together to uncover the dark secrets hidden inside Genoflex, and discover the difference between feeling special and being special.

The team

Our team includes specialists in music, film, writing/creation, community engagement and communication. We are united in a love of comic books and a desire to create a unique and fun new digital work.


Production Design

Lighting will play an important role in establishing mood, character, and context for each scene. We plan to paint with striking colours, with high contrast and minimal background set dressings.
This is a superhero fantasy story, and we aren't shying away from the supernatural elements of our story. We will use a variety of methods to showcase our series as being pulled from the pages of a comic book. Episodes will include thrilling scenes of hand-to-hand combat as our characters discover and investigate their heightened, superhuman abilities.
PLIGHT is a rock opera. Each episode will feature original rock songs written by award winning composer, Adrian Ellis, sung by the characters. Story arcs are told throughout the series by musical themes as well as words and lyrics. The pilot episode is set to feature three new songs.
The contrast between light and dark will be high. Each scene will be framed like a comic book panel, with key elements highly illuminated... and everything else in black.