This Is Fukushima

    Pitch Video

    An intimate odyssey through one of Japan's most exciting, diverse, and misunderstood regions.

    Genre: Documentary
    Topics: Multicultural, Environment
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Cameron Anderson ,  British-Columbia


    Forget the reactor. Forget all the bull$#!^ Facebook posts about how radiation is melting the starfish and mutating our sushi. Forget about what it means to be a disaster, and discover what it means to be Fukushima. Steeped in history, and alive with culture, Fukushima has so much to offer the curious outsider. This Is Fukushima will take you on an exciting quest to share what makes this important place so fascinating and wonderful. We will also share stories about how the earthquake and meltdown have changed Fukushima, but from the perspective of the thousands of refugees still without a home three years later, and the people trying desperately to move on in the face of so much hardship. Join us, and explore one of the most exciting, diverse, and misunderstood regions in the world.

    The Team

    As the team lead of This Is Fukushima, I am excited to work with the amazing community of language teachers, ex-pats, and local Japanese. If funding is successful, I may look to other skilled videographers to help create this project.

    Interview Roster

    Production Design