Distillation BC: Craft spirit making in British Columbia

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    The BC craft distilling scene is coming on strong and giving local mixologists and their fans something completely new.

    Genre: Documentary
    Topics: Arts, Innovation
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 8 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

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    Jeremy Dyson ,  British-Columbia


    Today in BC a new breed of distiller is emerging, one who combines contemporary tools and techniques with a respect for traditional processes and locally sourced-ingredients. And their products are finding an audience. A growing enthusiasm amongst consumers of spirits is driving this trend, creating the demand for local, quality products, a phenomenon reflected in the parallel growth of the craft brewing industry & the ascendance of the craft cocktail. Distillation BC will explore the emerging world of BC craft spirit making & introduce the people who are bringing new flavours to life. We'll explore how they infuse their products with the character of the Pacific Northwest, visit the establishments that serve up their wares, & speak with the mixologists, fans and supporters of the scene


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    Working on a project surrounding alcohol is a tough job, but we're the guys to do it.

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