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  • Alberta
  • Striker
  • Second Attack
  • 4 min. 31 seconds
  • Lindsay Robinson
  • Hard Rock

It's the year 2085 and the earth has been overrun by sentient beer keg robots. Humanity has resorted to cloning people back from the past in an attempt to defeat the invaders. Striker has defeated one previously, perhaps they will succeed again...

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Cloned back to life in the year 2085, Striker morphs into a giant robot to battle sentient keg monsters and save earth

Hard Rock


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Striker - Start Again
Striker - Fight For Your Life

Created By

Lindsay Robinson






After years of making the most ridiculous music videos we could afford, we want to make the leap to truly insane! Beer+metal+killer robots!

About the song

The lyrical theme of the song details how life is short and it's your choice to go out and make the most of it. The video is a sequel to the Striker Start Again video. Cloned back to life in an apocalyptic future, each member trains in a specific discipline. They then morph into a giant robot to battle the keg monsters and save the world.


Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay Robinson

Project Lead

Lindsay Robinson

My strengths lie in on set roles. Director or 1st AC is where I find myself the most comfortable.

Why I want to work with Striker

I think Striker is a great band. Music videos need to suit the song, and the kinds of films I enjoy making fall directly in line with the music Striker makes. I have made two videos with them so far and it's been a blast each time!

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