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  • British-Columbia
  • James Deen
  • Huskydoggetsheadmassage.mp3
  • 3 min. 44 seconds
  • Electro-Pop

Multiple characters journey along a path of self discovery and image in this eclectic video for producer James Deen's track "huskydoggetsheadmassage.mp3" off of his 2015 EP I Appreciate U. Described as "...beautiful..." by Steven Seagal.

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Palm trees sway in the wind. Golden sunlight radiates off of tinted frames. A baby is born. All of this in a video.



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Created By

Jordan Findlay
Jordan Findlay


James Deen

James Deen

Band, Artist

James Deen

yo, music is tight. i hope u like my music :)

About the song

Huskydoggetsheadmassage.mp3 will be just about as blissful as it sounds. Combining different video effects and formats, along with a nostalgic twist, we plan on creating an emotional collage that works in tandem with the effortless energy of James Deen's track that together give the viewer a glimpse into some of life's most spectacular moments.


Jordan Findlay

Jordan Findlay

Project Lead

Jordan Findlay

I bring the mind of Steve Jobs combined with the body of a young Brendan Fraser.

Why I want to work with James Deen

James Deen and ROOM met at a Steven Seagal fan convention in 2011. Since then both have sought to expand their love and shared aesthetic in order to create music and film which operate outside of Vancouver's normal creative sphere. The two knew that it was time. Time to get Steven on the line.

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