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  • Alberta
  • In Codes
  • Stories
  • 5 min. 4 seconds
  • Olaf Blomerus
  • Rock

Incodes debut music video "Stories". Directed by Olaf Blomerus.

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We follow our hero who tries to right wrongs done to her sibling in a world where man and machine have become one.



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Olaf Blomerus
Olaf Blomerus


In Codes

In Codes

In Codes

STORYHIVE presents us with a unique opportunity to not only further our individual careers, but to build community and inspire peers.

About the song

The song itself is about a scorned lover, but we didn't want to retell the same story in the video. With our concept, we have two unique pieces of art that are each appealing in their own ways. This way we have the chance to create fans of the song AND fans of the films story.


Olaf Blomerus

Olaf Blomerus

Project Lead, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer

Olaf Blomerus

Helping showcase that Alberta can be a great place to tell amazing cinematic stories. Collaborating with local & international artists.

Why I want to work with In Codes

In Codes embraces the idea of using the video medium creatively rather than typically. Seeing it as outlet for creative storytelling that goes beyond simple regurgitation of lyrical metaphors. Challenging both themselves and others to not settle for the norm and create a truly special and outstanding music video.

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