Shaped by the Elbow

    Pitch Video

    This powerful film explores the flood mitigation alternatives and the stories of communities shaped by the Elbow River.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 40 minutes
    Budget: $50,000

    Created By

    Allison Smith ,  Alberta


    The water surged. Overflowing the banks and recarving the landscape. Homes destroyed. Businesses damaged. Lives were lost. In 2013, communities in southern Alberta experienced a catastrophic 1in100 year flood. Each spring as the rain starts to fall, people watch in fear wondering if it will happen again. Now, the Province and City of Calgary are faced with the decision on how to prepare and mitigate future floods. Though, many Albertans along the floodplain are left asking: How will it protect them? What’s the impact on the environment, our health, and our community? What are the alternatives? And is this the best option for the most amount of people? This powerful film explores the flood mitigation options and shares the emotional stories of people shaped by the Elbow River.


    Don't Damn Springbank
    Alberta Government - Springbank Off-stream Reservoir Project
    City of Calgary - 2013 Flood

    The Team

    Our team is made up of long time collaborators and filmmakers from southern Alberta, Treaty 7 territory, Joseph Crawford and Allison Smith.