Crash In The Jungle

    Pitch Video

    The video will take place at a party where a string of strange events go unnoticed by the self-absorbed party goers.

    Genre: Psychedelic

    Music Lead

    JP Lancaster

    JP Lancaster

    We are waiting for an opportunity to help shine a light on a vibrant, underrated music community in Kamloops.

    About the song

    Crash In The Jungle takes inspiration from Space Oddity by David Bowie. While musically it references some stylistic trends from 1960's popular music, lyrically it is written from a modern perspective.

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    Video Lead

    Josef Perszon

    Josef Perszon

    With 8 years of indie film-making experience, I offer meaningful storytelling through visual mediums.

    Why I want to work with At Mission Dolores

    I have worked with this band on 3 live, take away videos that were done with a single shot. We were able to produce some tremendous videos with no budget and feel we could take things to the next level with proper funding. It would be an opportunity to put both of our works on a bigger platform.

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    Community Relevancy

    Marketing Plan