Captain Quinn

    Pitch Video

    Sketch comedy, fishing and adventure. Captain Quinn shows you the realities of trying to produce his own fishing show.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 20 minutes
    Budget: $50,000

    Created By

    Quinn Barabash ,  British-Columbia


    Follow the life of Captain Quinn as he trys to produce his own comedy fishing show in Northern BC. This documentary will reveal the real life struggles, frustrations, trials and tribulations that go along with being a lover of nature and mediocre fisherman trying to produce his own comedic fishing show. Sponsorship is practically impossible, fish are hard to catch, nature is kind of scary, life is hard, the environment is being destroyed, fishing is ridiculous and this all somehow very funny. When fishing is slow, Captain Quinn turns his attention to the hilarity that goes along with being a mediocre fisherman with an obsession for fish and the great outdoors. This documentary brings you sketch comedy, fishing and the great outdoors all in one.


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    The Team

    Meet our talented team! We have the skills necessary to make realities out of our wild imaginations. We are looking for skilled motion graphics artists to contribute to our team. Please contact project lead for details.