Pitch Video

    Exploring Nature's inherent capacity to create harmony amidst diversity, through insightful dialogue, poetic narrative and immersive visuals. A visceral VR experience of interconnectivity, embedded in the etymology of Nature.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 7 minutes
    Budget: $40,000

    Created By

    Lenny Rubenovitch ,  British-Columbia


    Nature is defined as the innate or essential quality of Being. Is the key to finding harmony as human beings embedded in the word Nature itself? “Natura” reverse engineers the medicine inherent in Nature through the lens of etymology. Interconnectivity, evolution & the elegantly ordered complexity of life are showcased through immersive visuals and poignant interviews, guided by a spoken word narrative. We journey with a diverse spectrum of teachers, speakers, & thought leaders to uncover how Nature self-organizes, using diversity as a medium for growth. Trees self-pruning, the meaning behind plants, the cycles of water & the composition of stars. In revealing the essential workings of nature, Natura is an opportunity to educate & inspire a return to our roots.


    OLD GROWTH -Spoken word sample

    The Team

    We as a passionate team of visionary storytellers and filmmakers will offer a visceral, insightful journey through this fundamental shift in worldview by exploring the ‘principle of life’ right down to its roots.

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