A Man and the Elk Dog

    Pitch Video

    Experience the origin myth of how the horse came to the Blackfoot people hundreds of years ago. Then see how one modern day Blackfoot elder is working to re-connect the youth to this vital part of their culture.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $40,000

    Created By

    Brett Ferster ,  Alberta


    It’s customary in the Blackfoot tradition to transfer knowledge, exactly as it was taught to you, by telling stories. The story of how the horse first crossed paths with the Blackfoot is folklore, like a parable from a dream and now myth. Guided by the voice of a Blackfoot elder, this cinematic journey invites the viewer in to be a part of the legend. Patrick Provost, a near 70-year-old Blackfoot man of the Piikani nation in Southern Alberta, has entwined his life with his horses. Having grown up with a deep connection to the animal, he is infamous for breaking and training internationally-renowned colts. His efforts are now all focused on how he can help the youth of today re-connect with this legendary animal so significant to their way of life.


    Small video introduction to Patrick with a story of his.
    A great portrait of what taming a wild horse looks like.

    The Team

    Our team is unique in that it pairs a filmmaker with a Blackfoot elder. Our goal is to create an engaging experience in getting to discover a part of what makes the horse so significant to the Blackfoot tradition.

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