In 1920’s Canada, a doctor named May visits her brother George at a logging camp. May learns the lumberjacks are hiding the dark secret that werewolves are real. Now she must discover who's infected before it's too late.

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    • Alberta
    • Length: 10 min. 20 sec.
    • Director: Peter Kominek
    • Actors: Katy Doucette, Jason Schneider, Duane Jones, Stephane LeGault and Blair Young
    • Genre: Drama
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    Pitch Video

    In 1920’s Canada a female doctor named May is sent to a logging camp to treat a series of werewolf attacks.

    Type: Web Series
    Genre: Drama
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 6 x 9 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Nick Bellemore ,  Alberta


    In the 1920’s no hospitals are willing to hire female doctor May. Her only job prospect is working as the camp doctor for a logging company where her older brother George is a lumberjack. When May arrives at the logging camp she is shocked to discover that the injured men she is suppose to treat were attacked by a werewolf. The lumberjacks become more and more paranoid about who is and who isn’t a werewolf, and accusations and infighting begin to take over. When George gets attacked by a werewolf May must fight against the men who want to kill George and find a cure before it’s to late.


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    We have the experience to do what it takes to shoot some intense lumberjack vs werewolf action, but we are always looking for creative people to join the party. Message us with how you can contribute. The more the merrier.

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