Warm Wieners

    Pitch Video

    Two slobs operating a questionable hotdog stand Downtown Vancouver battle condo developers who try to steal their land.

    Type: Web Series
    Genre: Fiction
    Topics: Arts
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 6 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Bart Batchelor ,  British-Columbia


    Warm Wieners is a live-action comedy about two slobs operating a questionable hotdog stand Downtown Vancouver and their battle with land-thirsty condo developers. The show takes place in the DTE, hence, a world populated by food cart overlords, yuppie interlopers, and gentrification wizards. Chuck is the brains of the operation. He’s stingy, he’s never had sex, and he’s always on his Bluetooth cooking up a plan. Motor may be confined to a wheelchair, but he’s the wild one. He yells and drinks all in the pursuit of unquenchable self indulgence. Luna’s their neighbor - he sells diluted battery acid cocktails. And he’s also a lesbian vegetarian. Together, they fight Condo-Megacorp: a developer trying to steal their tiny lot in life and convert it into a Mega-Blenz. Warm Wieners!

    The Team

    After a decade of making online animated comedy and suffering 3000 racist YouTube comments, Bart and Chris have created their own unique comedy style. They are very hands on, which means creating all assets themselves, including 3rd person bios.

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