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  • British-Columbia
  • Missy D ft. Kimmortal
  • XX
  • 5 mins. 43 secs.
  • Rap

XX is a story that follows a young female rapper looking to establish herself among a traditionally male-dominated rap/hip-hop scene. As a tribute to minorities, the video celebrates strength, resilience and equality across all walks of life.

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The story of a female rapper's journey to get herself seen on the scene. A tribute to everyone who reps the XX.




Created By

Lawrence Lam and  Alexander Farah


Diane Mutabaruka

Diane Mutabaruka


Diane Mutabaruka

I rep the XX

About the song

XX is an anthem that screams passion and intense drive to change the world with women at the steering wheel. XX is also a symbol of diversity and acceptance in rooms where women, as well as people of colour (among others), often become a minority.


Lawrence Lam and  Alexander Farah

Lawrence Lam and Alexander Farah

Project Lead, Director, Editor, Writer

Lawrence Lam and Alexander Farah

Make life less shitty.

Why I want to work with Missy D ft. Kimmortal

We, Lawrence and Alex, not only love the song and it's message, but we are huge fans of both Missy D and Kimmortal. We are so inspired by their sheer confidence, relentless hustle and unrivalled talent/artistry. We are absolutely proud to consider ourselves allies to the community and the movement; WE REP THE XX.

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