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Kamika Bianca Guerra-Walker

Calgary, AB
Artist, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Host, Actor, Production Manager, Production Design, Camera Operator

Kamika Bianca Guerra-Walker is a Chilean and Jamaican director based in Calgary, Alberta. Kamika’s passion is to understand people and help people understand themselves. She studied at the University of Calgary and hopes to continue her studies in psychology to become a psychiatrist. She is the founder of The Walker Foundation, based on her experience with her father’s diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Set to stimulate the minds of society to embrace mental health and encourage society to approach mental illness from a place of compassion. In 2020, Kamika immersed herself into the film industry as a model and actress music videos/short films across Canada. She then became inspired to work behind the camera as a director and tell the stories of her adverse life experiences through the art of film


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The Black Mustard Seeds
The Black Mustard SeedsDocumentary · $20,000 Fund
Team lead