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Justin Rain

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Plains Cree actor Justin Rain was born in Vancouver BC, raised in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Coming up on ten years working in the industry, Justin has worked on near 70 television episodes including series regular roles on APTN’s award winning controversial drama series ‘BLACKSTONE’, SyFy’s near future action ‘DEFIANCE’ alongside Oscar nominated actor Graham Greene as well as recently landing a recurring role of Crazy Dog(AKA Lee) onAMC’s ‘FEAR THE WALKING DEAD’. Other guest titles and feature films include Summit Entertainment’s ‘TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE’ Global TV's ‘THE GUARD’, CBC’s ‘ARCTIC AIR’& ‘HEARTLAND’, E! Networks ‘THE ARRANGEMENT’, AMC’s dark crime drama ‘THE KILLING’, Snowfort Pictures & Dark Sky Films ‘MOHAWK’ directed by Ted Geoghegan and A24’s ‘LEAN ON PETE’

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