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Kiki (Kirsten) Wiese

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Host, Production Manager

I am a producer, filmmaker, media artist and educator based in Calgary, Alberta. I thrive in positions where critical thinking, logistics managing and interpersonal skills are an asset. My background includes education, management, communications, and design. From 2006-2019 I was an Early Childhood Educator, in late 2019, I left my career path to focus on my first passion: filmmaking and design. I joined Eldritch Media November 2019 and became a partner of March 2020. Since 2017, I've produced 20+ documentaries and short narratives in the Grande Prairie area, including the Rosie-awarding winning Aeternitas (2018), Toast! (2019), Small Town Strength (2020) and Under The Scenes (2021). Prior to moving to Calgary in late 2022, I volunteered with the Bear Creek Folk Festival, PRIMAA & GPLT.


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Small Town Strength
Small Town StrengthDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
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