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Andrew Guardamano

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Actor, Production Manager, Production Design, Camera Operator, Lighting

Telling stories. This is my passion. My goal is to expand my knowledge, skills, and experience working with talented creative professionals and artists. I started out as an editorial and event photographer before I transitioned over to creative film-making alongside my passion for the literary world as a young-adult fiction writer. Over the last six years I have had the fantastic privilege of working with a small group of film-makers and actors, collaborating in several award-winning shorts. I am drawn to unusual and darker themes, exploring the idiosyncratic and sometimes dangerous side of human nature and the potential for redemption. Once more, I look forward to be part of the Storyhive platform and push the boundaries of creative storytelling to new heights and break new ground.


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EquilibriaDrama · $10,000 Fund
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