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We’re looking for original, compelling local stories and voices from your community with a blend of solo or interview style audio with visual elements.

Create a video podcast with community conversations, candid discussions and deep dives on the topics you are excited about.

Examples of eligible video podcast formats include:

  • An interview-based series

  • A solo series

The following types of formats are ineligible for the STORYHIVE Video Podcast:

  • Fictional projects including Mockumentaries

  • Music Videos

  • Animation

  • Video games and other applications; and Websites

  • Non-Canadian content

  • Slow television, or any programming genre without sound, action, or people (bird cams, yule logs, traffic cameras, silent films, etc.)

  • Audio-only content

  • Web series

  • Documentaries

  • Docusoaps

  • News or reporting (current event style coverage)

  • Web Series Pilot

  • Scripted narrative fiction or radio style; Drama, Comedy, etc.

  • Promotional and advertorial content

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