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What to expect

NSI Mentorship
15 Months
Scripted Film Project

Time commitment

The STORYHIVE Scripted Edition begins in October 2024 and ends in December 2025. Project Leads must be prepared to allocate an appropriate amount of time to planning, production and delivery to meet all deadlines.

Grant payment dates and amounts

  • 20% ($4,000) upon signing your grant agreement (Oct 2024)

  • 60% ($12,000) upon delivery of your Bonus Content & Final Draft Script (Apr 2025)

  • 10% ($2,000) upon delivery of your Main Program rough cut (Sep 2025)

  • 10% ($2,000) upon delivery of your Main Program (Dec 2025)


The program is largely self-guided, and you will be responsible for much of your own learning. There will be 4 mandatory online content creator sessions that will introduce the basics with respect to working with STORYHIVE, business affairs, creating your Bonus Content and working with your mentor who is an experienced filmmaker and will provide advice and feedback throughout your production. You will also receive a link to the Content Creator Kit, an online document with all of the key information you need for your STORYHIVE journey. And your STORYHIVE Program Manager will support you all along the way.

Bonus Content

During the pre-production phase of your Main Program, you will be creating and delivering 30-60 minutes of Bonus Content. Your Bonus Content offers another way to engage your audience with your project and support your Main Program. For more info on the Bonus Content, see our FAQs.


Completed projects are distributed on platforms including TELUS Optik TV On Demand, Stream+, TELUS websites, and other TELUS branded websites or social media platforms including the STORYHIVE YouTube channel. If you wish to launch your project on your own channels or pursue alternate distribution options prior to the official launch date, please contact your STORYHIVE Program Manager. NOTE: Distribution agreements must not conflict with your obligations to STORYHIVE outlined in your grant agreement.


Projects Leads retain the copyright to their projects and are encouraged to submit to festivals and participate in community screenings. The picture lock cut of your project must be reviewed and approved by your STORYHIVE Program Manager prior to any screenings, festival submissions or distribution.

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