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How to prepare an application

NSI Mentorship
15 Months
Scripted Film Project

Questions to think about when preparing your application:

  • What makes my story and project unique and compelling?

  • Why am I the right person to tell this story?

  • How is this story connected to my community and why is it an important story to share with my community?

Some information you'll need to provide:


A short summary that gets to the heart of your story idea.


A more detailed description of your story. Dive into what makes your story unique and compelling.

60 Second Pitch Video

Create a short 55-65 second pitch video that tells us about you and your project! This is a chance for you to share the passion and excitement that you have for your project. This does not need to be an elaborate production. It can be as simple as filming yourself with your phone. See more info on the pitch video here.

Community Relevancy

Please tell us how your project reflects the community you reside in. Why is this project important or relevant to your community of residence? Does the project give us insight into the people, history, culture or events of the community in which you reside? Are local community members involved or showcased on the project?

Why you?

Tell us why you want to make this project? Why is this project important to you? Why are you the best person to produce this project? What is your connection to the community involved? For example, if your project will address topics that are culturally specific, what is your connection to the culture being represented?

Draft Script

Your script does not need to be a final draft. A rough draft is fine. You will have time to further develop and refine your script with your mentor. Script length tip - typically 1 page of script translates to approximately 1 minute of screen time. See info on how to format your script here. Please keep in mind that the program that you deliver to TELUS must be rated G or PG and have no coarse language. However, you are free to create alternate cuts of your program for other uses such as festivals if you wish.

Draft Budget

You will need to complete a draft budget indicating how you intend to spend your grant money. A template budget is provided in the application. Please input amounts for the line items that apply to your production. Please note that this is only a draft, and can be updated later.

For more info on the budget, see our FAQs.

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