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BTS Building Pinoy
Image Credit: Behind-the-scenes of Building Pinoy: A Hall for Filipino-Edmontonians

At TELUS STORYHIVE, we have the privilege of being able to work with all types of content creators at all times of the year. We love being able to see the progress of their projects behind-the-scenes, which is just as big of a part of the journey as the finished product. 

It's in the behind-the-scenes moments that we witness the dedication, passion and creative spark that drives these local storytellers. We celebrate the process: the late-night brainstorming sessions, the camaraderie forged on set and the exhilaration of seeing an idea evolve into a tangible reality. It also gives us an insight into who makes up the STORYHIVE community. 

So, let’s meet a few of these filmmakers from the STORYHIVE Anniversary Documentary Edition! 

Laura Montes de Oca | Latinas’ Diary: A Journey of Hope, Strength, and Empowerment 

Latinas’ Diary is a 10-episode documentary series, starring nine Latin American women telling captivating stories about their challenges and achievements in everyday life as immigrants and newcomers to Calgary. Through a digital storytelling format, the protagonists tell stories of hope, dreams, strength, and empowerment.

It follows eight Latinas and the director (also Latina), living in Canada and Calgary.

Laura’s big learnings from the project

“Always review the checklist before shooting. Always be prepared to learn. Technology is challenging. Shooting in 4K requires lots of memory, so get more than one terabyte!!!”

What she wants audiences to know about the project

“To know, from the inside and first hand, the challenges and achievements involved with immigration.”

Watch some behind-the-scenes content from Latinas’ Diary: A Journey of Hope, Strength, and Empowerment here.

Mark Crighton | After the Call 

After the Call is a documentary following first responders and their battle with mental injuries everyday.

Mark’s big learnings from the project

“At this point my big learnings are don’t be shy approaching people and organizations. I was pretty nervous at first but it is slightly easier now. Also have a back up plan, to avoid disappointment if someone says no.”

What he wants audiences to know about the project

“I would like the audience to know that even though first responders see some horrific things. We can all learn and share from each other. The audience can take away some techniques the first responders use and help everyone.”

Here’s Mark setting up his interview station.

Giselle General | Building Pinoy: A Hall for Filipino-Edmontonians

The Filipino diaspora builds a gathering place that reflects where they came from and their dreams for the future in Edmonton.

Giselle’s big learnings from the project

“I’m just starting out, but so far I’m trying hard to apply principles that serve me well in other areas of my life, particularly, organizing documents and communicating clearly is important.”

What she wants audiences to know about the project

“This project is about what a community hall symbolizes, which is unity, comfort, support and connection especially for those who have arrived in Canada and called Edmonton their home. For such ideas and structures to become reality, there are remarkable people who poured their heart and efforts into it. I hope that viewers would be inspired and appreciate this project that aims to shed a spotlight on such a deserving organization.”

Check out this test run of a drone shot of the Edmonton Philippine International Centre, when Giselle’s team attended one of the events to film B-Roll.

Now that you’ve read about the behind-the-scenes of these filmmaker’s projects, we hope you’re excited to check out their short films when they go live on TELUS Optik TV and the STORYHIVE YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the premiere announcement at a later date.

If this has inspired you to start your own content creation journey, check out our upcoming grants in our recent blog post here. 

Posted onNov 20, 2023
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